A New Take on Tofu

Yesterday TKA and I took advantage of the nicer weather and the new wagon he got for the holidays and walked to the grocery store. We only bought a few things, mostly because I was envisioning TKA throwing everything out of the wagon on the ride home and I thought there was a good chance I would have to end up carrying everything and pulling the wagon. Luckily he cooperated and kept all the food inside the wagon!

One of the random things I grabbed that wasn’t on my list was some tofu. We are pretty lucky in that our grocery store stocks locally made tofu. The only bad thing is that it isn’t always available!

Last night we made Mexican food for dinner (no real recipe, just veggies, beans, and seasonings sautéed). I bought a few extra veggies so that we could have a tofu stir-fry tonight.

TKA was pretty helpful. While he ate his dinner he supervised me chopping up the peppers and pressing and cutting the tofu. I was using this recipe for the stir-fry (with mushrooms and bell peppers as the veggies) and was intrigued by the method of baking the tofu prior to including it in the stir-fry.

Of course TKA couldn’t be bothered to wait for the baking or stir-frying to be done. He ate his stick of tofu as it was straight out of the package!

We don’t eat a lot of tofu around these parts, mainly to avoid too much soy/estrogen in our diets, but I would like to find a good (and relatively easy) method of preparation.

I thought the tofu was really tasty straight out of the oven and as a whole we really liked the recipe, but I don’t know that I would go through the trouble of baking then sautéing the tofu in the future. Husband’s main comment about the dinner was that it was tasty but wished for water chestnuts as part of dinner. But he has quite a soft spot for those things!

Overall I thought the sauce was good and I would absolutely use this recipe again.

We have a really cheap rice cooker and I have found that making brown rice in it isn’t that great unless you soak the rice for a few hours before cooking. We are in the market for a new cooker that makes tasty brown rice easily. Does anyone out there have any recommendations?