Plated: A Review

Two weeks ago I happened to see a promoted post on Facebook about Plated and I somehow decided that it would be a good idea to try it out. The promotion I saw was to pay $20 for four meals (which was really two dinners, but four plates total). I was a little disappointed that there weren’t that many vegetarian options and no vegan options. I tried to pick recipes that I thought didn’t need the cheese that was listed as ingredients on the recipe.

On Tuesday, I made theĀ Lemon Asparagus Cavatelli. TKA was critical in supervising the chopping of the asparagus, basil, and the lemon zesting and juicing. I do a fair amount of dinner preparation while he sits in his high chair and eats his dinner and watches me prepare the grown-up dinner. I followed the instructions exactly, with the exception of the addition of the cheese. I had a feeling when reading the instructions that the asparagus would be overcooked (for my liking) and I was correct. All in all, Husband and I thought this dish was just okay. It didn’t really have much flavor at all and required us to add additional salt, which we don’t usually do. For our first try with Plated, I was a bit disappointed and really felt like the prices were pretty high if we had paid full price ($15/plate).

Tonight I made my second selection, the White Bean Fritters with Sun-Dried Tomatoes. What a difference!

My Tiny Kitchen Assistant

This recipe (without cheese), was full of flavor and Husband must have exclaimed at least 10 times that it was delicious. There were a couple of differences, I think. Every time the recipe suggested adding salt and pepper, I did. The recipe also had red pepper flakes that I think gave the fritters an extra flavor kick. Sadly, TKA has been a bit under the weather the past few days (I think it’s his last baby teeth coming through) and he really hasn’t been up for helping in the kitchen much. As a result, I was actually glad to have the Plated dinner tonight that I knew was already all portioned out and wouldn’t take long to get on the table.

I’m not sure that I am Plated’s target customer, but I can see that it would be especially helpful on busy nights for any family. Part of my issue with the service is that it seems that you have to order really far in advance, rather than the week of (they seem to sell out quickly). It’s hard to know exactly when you would want meals two weeks in advance, I think. I have seen other similar services in our area that are all vegetarian recipes and I would be far more likely to try those out before I went back to Plated. For the price, I would rather have more vegetarian/vegan options that I think an all vegetarian meal service would provide.

Disclosure: I paid for Plated with my own money. I was not compensated in any way for my opinions.