My Tiny Assistant

Let me introduce you to my kitchen assistant. I’ve known him for just over a year now and he couldn’t be more interested and curious about everything that happens in the kitchen. I am a stay at home mom and I prepare most everything my little family eats. My tiny kitchen assistant (TKA) is always there underfoot.

He is quite an observant little guy and has always been interested in watching people cooking. Even when we go out to eat, he’s always watching the servers and would ideally always be watching the line if he could. We like to joke that he will grow up to be a chef someday!

Cooking has always been something that I’ve enjoyed, which is a little bit funny since my mom doesn’t really love to spend time in the kitchen. Even so, I grew up with a childhood of family dinners largely made at home and I would love to continue that tradition with my husband and my son.

The only difference between those childhood dinners of grilled meat and a vegetable side dish? My little family is vegan! We made the decision to eliminate most animal products from our diet at the end of last summer. I actually think we eat a more diverse diet now that when we ate a “traditional” Western diet. We don’t kid ourselves that when we go out to eat in restaurants that some foods may be made with butter or milk, but we do our best.

It has been a really good decision for our family to choose to eat this way and for now our 16 month old is also vegan. (Um, except for the cat food he ate once or twice). I know as he gets older he will be able to make his own choices about food and my mindset is to discuss that as it comes up.

For now I’m content to try to make tasty meals for all three of us and try out new foods, flavors, and techniques in the process. All under the supervision of my tiny kitchen assistant!