Cakes and More Cakes

Over the weekend I had planned to make a carrot cake. Even though our weekend travel plans changed, I still had all of the ingredients and wanted to make the cake.

I actually ended up having to make the cakes twice. The first time I under-baked them and they ended up totally falling apart as I took them out of the pan. It wasn’t a total loss, though, since we ate that cake for breakfast (without frosting)! Another bonus of vegan baking is that there aren’t any undercooked or raw eggs to worry about if you slightly under-bake things!

On my second attempt, I baked the cakes for about 35 minutes (rather than the 18-20) in the recipe. They held up perfectly when I took them out of the pans. They weren’t too dry even with the extra baking time.

TKA was my frosting assistant, which meant that I put the mixing bowl on the floor and used the hand mixer on the ground while he crouched over to supervise. He was far more interested once the frosting started to be applied to the cake. He might have stuck his fingers in the frosting more than once…

All in all, even though I made the cakes twice, I really only had my own impatience to blame for the first round issues. It was a delicious cake and even the non-vegans declared it “the best carrot cake” they’d ever eaten. I have never claimed to be a cake decorator, so the palm tree looking carrot was my best attempt with the limited cake decorating tips that I have!


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