Cooking With Auntie

This past weekend TKA’s auntie was visiting. We all had a great time and even had some fun in the kitchen! I decided we should try out some veggie burgers and ended up making Oh She Glow’s Perfect Veggie Burger. TKA was very glad to help out with the oat flour processing. We have a mini cuisinart and under auntie’s supervision, TKA ground up the oats like a professional! He was hilarious since the mini cuisinart only has two buttons, he would alternate pressing each one. I don’t think anyone could have processed the oats better. I think he was even happier that I decided to make a double batch of burgers so that we could freeze some as that meant that he could spend even more time perfecting his food processing skills.

As a side dish, Husband cut up some sweet potatoes into wedges and baked them with some olive oil and herbs. I don’t even know which herbs he used, but the wedges were delicious when we first ate them and TKA ate them as leftovers for dinner all week and loved them, too! TKA prefers his wedges with hummus, of course.

I thought the burgers were a bit labor intensive, but totally worth it. I’m also really glad we made a double batch. I made the burgers we were eating right away in the skillet so they would be ready faster, but the remainder I baked in the oven and then froze. This way I’ve been able to defrost them one at a time for TKA’s dinner as needed. Our whole family has declared them pretty tasty.

I am a big fan of Oh She Glows and it is definitely my “go-to” for recipes that are sure to be crowd pleasing — even for non-vegans (like TKA’s auntie!). For the weekend, we are going to Husband’s mother’s house and I’m looking forward to making some more delicious vegan food and hoping that others realize that it can be delicious and not lacking in any ingredients!


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